My Story.  Hi I’m Bev and this is my story.


Bev – Before & After

I was never chubby as a child, I was always quite active. From the age of two years I was always ill every few weeks, no one knew why. However, at the age of eleven I had an operation and it was discovered that I had a horseshoe shaped kidney and that both of my kidneys were fused together.

My father passed away when I was a teenager, and comfort eating crept in and weight started to pile on.

A few years later, I got married, and had four children and I was still quite big, after child no 2 was born, I was diagnosed with acute inflammation of the kidney and also asthma. When child no 4 came along my kidneys weren’t good, one kidney was completely dead the other had a function of 24%.

After trying many slimming clubs; nothing seemed to work for me. I came across a Rosemary Conley class which offered weighing in and exercise, I weighed in at over 13 stone, I did manage to lose a stone which I kept off, then I hit a plateau and the instructor left. That was when Sarah started as a Rosemary Conley Instructor.

I have been with Sarah since she started in January 2013.  I had a BMI of 35 at that time and a kidney function of 20%. I knew I had to lose weight as my health would be seriously affected if I didn’t, and I made up my mind didn’t want to be a size 16-18 anymore. I kept on with exercise and I started to attend 5 of Sarah’s classes a week, I found being in a class helped me to keep motivated, if any hurdles came my way I’d push them aside and carry on and keep positive.

Sarah is my biggest inspiration she is always supportive and encouraging with a positive attitude.  I do have bad weeks where I would eat sugary things, and I’d put on weight, but the weight I put on always came of the next week.  I really enjoy all of Sarah’s classes and I enjoy exercising.

I am now in stage 5 established kidney disease (there are 5 stages) my kidney function is 13%. One of the many symptoms of kidney disease is tiredness and lack of energy, I do sometimes surprise myself at the energy I have, however my energy levels are so much more since I have lost all my weight. All through my weight loss journey, Sarah has been with me supporting me encouraging and keeping me positive, I can’t thank her enough. I do ensure I talk to Sarah all the time about how I’m feeling, how I’m doing and to ask advise – that’s what she is there for!

I need a kidney transplant at some point, this will be when has a kidney becomes available that matches mine, it is uncertain when, I just have to wait. I strongly believe winners never quit, I am determined to be a winner, and I will keep going to keep me fit & healthy. I also enjoy supporting others in class, and do think my story is so important for everyone to hear – if I can do it, anyone can! I have never looked back, losing my weight has been the best thing I could’ve done to ensure my health is the best it can be considering my situation.

Anyone thinking of starting a fitness & weight loss programme, I would recommend 100% Sarah’s classes; however, it is so important to stay positive and keep coming to class even if you’ve had a bad week.

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